Streaming Service for Kids with User-Base Growth from 0 to 800,000+ in Less Than 24 Months
From Pre-Launch to 800K+ Users & 40MM in Funding

Monkedia started working with Vooks, a streaming service bringing storybooks to life for kids, during their pre-launch phase. Monkedia helped Vooks go from 0 to over 800,000 users within 24 months, helping them to raise over $40 million in funding.
1st Month New Users
24 Month User-Base
Funding Raised

The Story

Vooks is a streaming service for kids that brings storybooks to life with beautiful animation, read-aloud narration, engaging music and sound, and read-along text. Monkedia first began working with Vooks during their pre-launch, when they had 0 users. By working through the psychology around helping people understand a unique product simply and quickly, Monkedia was able to develop ad creative that helped Vooks propel out of the gate with 100K new users during their launch month. We also helped them expand internationally, and after 24 months their user-base of over 800,000 helped them raise over $40 million in funding.

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