24X Increase In MRR
8X Scaled Ad Spend With 3X ROAS Improvement
Monkedia worked with American Hat Makers, a manufacturer handcrafting hats in the USA for over 40 years, to scale their online store's monthly revenue by more than 24X. Prior to working with Monkedia, the majority of the brand's revenue came from their wholesale business, as they were having difficulty generating revenue from ecommerce. We worked with the brand to develop a strategy to scale, taking them from a 1X ROAS on a small monthly ad spend, to a 3X ROAS on ad spend that was scaled 8X greater than they had ever spent before.
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ROAS Performance Improvement
Ad Spend Increase
Increase in Monthly Revenue
The Story

Wholesaler Builds Strong Ecommerce Business With Monkedia's Help

Prior to working with Monkedia, American Hat Makers was primarily a wholesale business. For years they had difficulty scaling their online store, ultimately bringing in very little monthly revenue. The limited amount they were bringing in from ecommerce was largely from their existing customer base, generating very few new customers each month. They also struggled with low conversion rates with those who did make it to their site.

We worked with the brand to help them really understand who their customer was, then developed a strategy to expand their audience base. Included in that strategy was the development of new landing pages to dramatically improve their on-site conversion rates. When they first started, they were spending in the low five figures monthly on advertising and struggling to hit 1X ROAS. We were able to scale them to a monthly ad spend more than 8X greater, while improving their ROAS by 3X.

By helping the brand build their ecommerce business, we were also able to help get them through a very difficult season when the COVID pandemic hit, since so much of their revenue previously had come from wholesale. After working with Monkedia, they now have a thriving online store to go with a long-established wholesale business, setting them up for long term growth and success.



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