ARR Improved by More Than 2X
2X Revenue, 45M in 5 Years

Prizeo is a platform where you can donate to great causes and also have the opportunity to win the experience of your dreams. Monkedia worked with Prizeo for 5 years, helping generate $45M in revenue - including $7.5M over the course one month in their most successful campaign ever. The $9M annual run rate was more than 2X their previous ARR. Monkedia's time working with Prizeo included campaigns for the NFL, Justin Timberlake, The Emmys, Nathan Fillion, Depeche Mode, The Points Guy, Shakira, Rafael Nadal, Eli Manning, and much more.
Increase in ARR
One Month Campaign
Total Revenue From Ads

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FinTech Company

User-Base Growth of 3,635% Leading to 20M in Series A Funding

From Zero to 4M ARR

Bend Soap
Health & Beauty Brand
American Hat Makers
Apparel & Fashion Brand

24X Increase in MRR

From 2X to 6X with Major Thematic Learnings

Home Goods Brand
Food & Beverage Brand

3X Business Valuation Increase in 2 Years

2X Revenue, 45M in 5 Years

Charity Brand
Dental Care Brand

2X ROAS With 70% Decrease in CPL While Expanding Global Network

Driving 30M With 6.4X Attributable ROAS

Cameras & Optics Brand
CBD Dog Health
CBD Brand

4X Monthly Revenue Increase for CBD Brand