From 2X to 6X With Major Thematic Learnings
Monkedia worked with simplehuman, a high-end home-goods brand, to transform long-term poor ad performance into exponentially improved sustainable ROAS, all while executing mass creative split testing for deep thematic understanding.
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Strong Return on Investment

For years, simplehuman had struggled to maintain a strong Return on Investment (ROI) within its social media ad buying. With its various products, it was difficult for the brand to identify highly profitable, differentiated digital audiences for each individual product line. At the same time, it had yet to identify core creative messaging that drove a strong and predictable ongoing return online. Monkedia was tasked with not only creating stronger, more consistent ROI, but finding and identifying the most profitable audiences for each product and relevant creative that spoke to said audiences.


Personalized Creative on Macro Scale

The first step to creating a sustainable return for the brand was to do a digital deep dive into the historical pixel data of the brand in order to create separate detailed data models for each of their product offerings. Monkedia was able to quickly identify that specific products were attracting very different buyers. For instance, one product set saw strong returns amongst older male buyers; whereas, its other core product was being purchased at a more profitable return by younger females. We used this information to segment buyers into hundreds of micro-buckets to make sure we were maximizing ROI by driving only ads customized for the premier target demographics of each product.

A second key insight that led to a huge boost in ROI was the testing of key creative indicators utilizing a large set of creative featuring all the main selling points of the brand’s products and continuously split-testing to identify the core creative concepts that actually drove return. We had a theory that new buyers were buying these products based more on style; whereas, return customers were focused more on durability and functionality. This was a direct reversal of what the brand had assumed to date. The hypotheses proved to be valid and simplehuman saw a 175% increase in performance on new buyers.


From 2:1 to 6:1 ROI in Just 10 Months

By creating advanced data models and audience segmentation, Monkedia was able to eliminate wasted spend and create far greater momentum amongst the brand’s core product sets. Then, as Monkedia identified the proper creative concepting that actually drove return, Monkedia impacted the brand’s marketing across multiple channels. In the end, the core goal of the efforts were to provide increased return for simplehuman and Monkedia was able to elevate simplehuman’s digital ROI from under a 2:1 to over a 6:1 within the course of just 10 months.

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