From Struggling Sales to being Sparked Back to Rapid Growth
12X Attributable ROAS for B2B Campaign

Monkedia worked with VariDesk (now known as Vari), a workspace innovation company, to spark them back to rapid growth after they were struggling to hit their sales goals. Monkedia was able to help VariDesk achieve 12X ROAS, which was a 256% ROAS improvement over their previous performance, while simultaneously increasing cold audience targeting from 20% from 80% - setting them up for long-term scale potential.
Attributable ROAS
ROAS Improvement
Increase in Cold Audience Targeting
The Story

From Struggling Sales to Being Sparked Back to Rapid Growth

Prior to working with Monkedia, VariDesk focused 20% of their ad spend on cold audiences, which severely limited their long-term scale potential, forcing them to hit a plateau. Monkedia was able to help VariDesk achieve 12X ROAS while simultaneously increasing cold audience targeting to 80% of ad spend, with cold audience ROAS outperforming their previous warm + cold audience mix.

This was accomplished, in part, by running a B2B campaign focused on their high-ticket items, with a B2C campaign targeted at their low-ticket items. In conjunction with their increased cold audience ad spend, this strategic approach was able to dramatically transform VariDesk's digital performance, helping them break through the growth plateau that previously existed.

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