From Selling Peaches in the back of a Truck to Multi-Million Ecommerce Empire
Startup Launch to $45MM in Annual Revenue

When Monkedia first met The Peach Truck, a farm-to-table brand delivering fresh Georgia peaches, they were selling the most delicious peaches you'll ever try... from the back of a truck. Monkedia worked with The Peach Truck to take them from early stage startup to an 8-figure ecommerce brand, helping them build out — and massively scale — their direct to consumer offering. In fact, they got so big we even had celebrities like Reese Witherspoon sharing our ads. Today, the brand generates $45MM in annual revenue, and owns a lot more trucks.
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The Story

Couple Quit Their Full-Time Jobs to Sell Farm-Fresh Peaches

After returning one summer from their honeymoon, a Nashville-based newly married couple started selling, from the back of a truck, peaches that had been picked the day before and transported from Georgia - the home state of the husband. Eventually they started supplying restaurants, and by the following summer they'd had enough success that they were able to quit their full-time jobs.

But there was a limit to how big they could grow a local farm-to-table business. It was time to go online.

The Glow Up

Taking Farm-to-Table to Shipped to Your Door

Don't live in Nashville? No problem. The Peach Truck wanted to maximize their growth potential by selling online and having their peaches shipped directly to their consumers' door.

Enter Monkedia.

We worked with The Peach Truck to build out their direct to consumer strategy, designing their entire sales funnel with a major focus placed on increasing conversion rates, optimizing landing pages, implementing abandoned cart offers, and promoting third party links to establish social proof. But one of the most important elements that aided in the early ecommerce growth of The Peach Truck? Running a campaign that focused on these delicious Georgia peaches as the perfect gift. Why? It was important to make their product about more than just farm-to-table, instead we repositioned around gifting to open up a new market to compete with companies that sold products such as fruit bouquets. This creative angles drove massive results for their brand.

The Results

From Startup Launch to $45MM in Annual Revenue

The gifting campaign was a massive success. In fact, it was so well received that our ads even got shared by Reese Witherspoon. But that wasn't the only success that Monkedia was able to help The Peach Truck achieve. By optimizing landing pages for various campaigns, we were able to increase results by 20%. By implementing abandoned cart offers, we were able to increase results by an additional 15%. And by advertising third party links to help establish social proof, we improved results by another 15%.

In the end, these incremental improvements helped lead to rapid growth, providing the platform for The Peach Truck to grow from the back of a truck to the ecommerce empire it enjoys today.

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