5 Million in Annual Revenue With Over 1,000 Creatives Made
Developed 6 Acquisition Funnels + Scaled Productivity Brand to 5MM+

Monkedia worked with Michael Hyatt, an author, podcaster, blogger, speaker, and former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson, who now boasts an impressive catalog of brands, products, and services – including six acquisition funnels featuring over a dozen products – and awards such as being named to the Inc. 5000 list for the Fastest Growing Companies in America. But that wasn’t always their story.
acquisition funnels
Unique Creatives Made
Annual Revenue

Limited Customer Acquisition Strategy

When Monkedia originally started with Michael Hyatt and his team, they had a very strong message and concept – they wanted to utilize their expertise in the publishing industry to help people identify how they could get published. They had a few high-priced services that they were trying to sell to cold audiences and were struggling to scale.


New Digital Funnels + Product Development

Struggling to find the returns they knew they could, Monkedia worked with the Hyatt team to devise a new strategy: creating digital funnels to bring in the right audiences while helping them develop products at different price points and tiers to aid in creating a relevant and loyal consumer base.


New Business Launch & 1,000+ Creatives Helped Conceptualize Next Phase of Success

After the immense success of the first campaign, Hyatt’s team has broadened their scope to equip high achievers with the scalable tools they need to lead and work productively. Throughout the years of working together, Monkedia produced over 1,000 creatives, and helped conceptualize the next phases of success for their current and future endeavors. This included building Full Focus, their biggest success to date — a productivity company that now does more than $5MM annually.

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