Legal Services Company Experiences Rapid Growth with Improvement in CPA, CPL, and CRO
70% Decrease in CPA While Scaling Ad Spend 7X

Monkedia worked with LegalBrave, a subscription-based legal service company, to grow its online customer base. During our time working together, the customer's CAC steadily improved month-over-month, with their costs to acquire a new customer decreasing by 70% overall. Over that same time period, their cost to acquire a new lead also decreased by 37% while ad spend was increased by 7X. This led to rapid growth, as spend was able to increase substantially while acquisition costs declined. This was possible in large part by massively improving lead quality, with Monkedia's AI-powered audience targeting enabling lead conversion rates to improve by 47%.
Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
Decrease in Cost Per Lead
Conversion Rate Increase

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