Massive Revenue Growth + Reduced COGS and SKU Volatility
8X Attributable ROAS While Scaling Ad Spend 4X

Monkedia worked with Gooseberry Intimates, a Bali-based lingerie company, to scale their ad spend 4X while also achieving 8X ROAS that was directly attributable to Meta campaigns. Monkedia was able to help Gooseberry scale by focusing ad spend on a limited number of products that generated the majority of their advertising sales, allowing them to improve their COGS efficiency while also leading to an 80% reduction in SKU volatility.
Attributable ROAS
Increase in Ad Spend
Reduction in SKU Volatility

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User-Base Growth of 3,635% Leading to 20M in Series A Funding

From Zero to 4M ARR

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24X Increase in MRR

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3X Business Valuation Increase in 2 Years

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