Transformational Results for Virtual Assistant Staffing Firm
6X Improvement in Lead Costs

Monkedia worked with BELAY, a company providing virtual assistant staffing solutions, to help transform their lead funnel. By creating a funnel-based approach to generating new B2B leads for organizations in need of VAs, we were able to help BELAY improve lead costs by 6X over their previous performance, transforming their results and their business.
Lead Cost Improvement
Conversion Rate Increase
Total Impressions

The Story

Monkedia created a funnel-based approach to generating B2B leads for BELAY. This started by testing various lead magnets at the top of the funnel, with those leads then being driven to a webinar for further brand education. The most qualified leads were then targeted with ads to schedule a call with a BELAY specialist, where the highly qualified lead could then be sold by getting a VA candidate placed in their organization.

Throughout this process, Monkedia created multiple landing pages to test which messaging most strongly resonated with BELAY's target demographic, leading to a 308% conversion rate increase - which proved key in transforming their lead costs. Next, Monkedia worked with BELAY to improve their webinars so qualified leads would be more educated about their offer prior to speaking with a specialist. In the end, BELAY's lead costs saw a 6X improvement over their previous best performance.

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