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Proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence, driven by mass iterative micro-targeting and ever-evolving predictive algorithms. We’ve created a little thing we like to call The Digital Jungle.

And it’s transforming the way you do business.
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Harness the Power of A.I. + Machine Learning

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Analytics Across All Platforms

Get access to analytics on our multi-platform dashboard in real time. Every bit of data from Facebook, Shopify, Klaviyo, Google Ads, and more can be seen on one easy-to-read report.

Optimize & Iterate in Real-Time

Use customer intelligence produced by our communication engines to generate customized consumer experiences and deliver the right message to the right prospect.
In-Platform Creative Generation
Create, build, edit, and approve all visual and copy elements using our advanced digital asset management system. Once creative is complete, you can send out a user-friendly creative package for internal and/ or client approval.
Algorithms Designed to Score Your Creative
Our algorithm-based creative scoring tool uses KPI tracking and advanced analytics to score each piece of custom creative, giving you data points to use in future campaigns and creative iterations.

Scaling Is Hard. A.I. + Machine Learning Makes It Easier.

The most powerful growth marketing strategies understand that each customer journey is unique, requiring each experience to be just as seamless and personalized as the next.

Monkedia's best-in-class customer experience strategies connect customer data, behavioral intelligence, and experiences across all facets of your business, which result in maximum scalability.
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Put Your Business's Success on Auto-Pilot

Using real-time intelligence and campaign-performance analytics, The Digital Jungle can auto-optimize any of your ad campaigns and automatically scale your advertising spend. That means less manual optimization and more growth.

Create Better Customer Experiences With Intelligent Automation

Utilizing advanced segmentation, conversion optimization, and experience funnels, we help brands deliver personalized communication at a macro scale, allowing for real connection with real people and creating the best customer experience possible.
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Take a Step Into the Jungle

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