Top Digital Marketing Trends We're Following in 2022

Check out a few of the most exciting developments in digital marketing we've been keeping a close eye on here at Monkedia.

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Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s how fast trends become norms in today’s ever-changing digital marketing world. Between competitive tech giants, savvy social media users, and fast-adapting consumer behavior, digital marketers need to keep up on a lot to stay competitive. So, to make sure you’re up to date—here’s a rundown of the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends we’re talking about at Monkedia in 2022.

#1: Video is everything

Right now, video advertising content reigns supreme with no sign of slowing down. Video-based social media platforms have been soaring to new heights in the first chapter of 2022, with YouTube’s ad audience recently surpassing 2.5 billion, increasing by 12% in 2021. Instagram is catching up fast, averaging year-on-year growth of 21% and currently reaching an ad audience of 1.5 billion users, thanks in part to the growing popularity of their “Reels” feature for video content. 

And above all, TikTok keeps growing at a staggering rate. In fact, TikTok’s ad audience has grown by over 7% in roughly the last 100 days. TikTok ads regularly reach 885 million users aged 18+ worldwide, and over half of U.S. adults now view content from TikTok at least once per month. 

Clearly, Tiktok is the one to watch right now, and all brands should seek to expand their reach on the platform in 2022.   

#2: Influencer Marketing gets people talking (and shopping)

The influencer marketing space has more than doubled in size since 2019. In 2021 alone, the worldwide global influencer market hit a record value of $13.8 billion and is expected to continue growing rapidly in 2022. It’s currently estimated that 75% of large businesses now invest in influencer marketing. However, there’s now evidence to suggest that there may not be a one-size-fits-all approach to influencer marketing.

Interestingly enough, recent research has shown that micro-influencers (typically defined as social media users with less than 15,000 followers) are increasingly getting better rates of engagement on their ads vs. larger-audience influencers. This shows that today’s consumers are more likely to buy based on recommendations from users they trust, and they’re more responsive to intimate and personalized content. Mega-influencers (usually 1+ million followers) may hit more screens in total with their ads, but show lower engagement rates.

This year, consider collaborating with influencers—with follower counts both large and small—to expand your reach and grow your brand. 

#3: NFTs and Cryptocurrency are the new kids on the block(chain)

These two are coming in hot! Though their full effect on digital marketing is yet to be realized, both NFTs and Cryptocurrency are gaining cross-platform relevance, with the biggest advertising players now making moves to get in on the action. 

In recent months, major social media companies have rolled out cryptocurrency features including Twitter, which is also expanding its in-house crypto team. In late 2021, Meta (parent company of Facebook) publicized it’s plan to have “deep compatibility” with blockchain technology on their platform, signaling to leaders in the industry they’re positioning themselves to capitalize on the future of cryptocurrency. 

Both companies have recently rolled out NFT (non-fungible token) compatibility as well, allowing users to use privately-owned NFTs as display photos, and other major brands are following suit. Disney is currently hiring NFT experts to assist with their marketing strategy for the incoming Metaverse, and this year, even Super Bowl tickets come with free NFTs unique to seat selection. (If you have one, we’re just a little bit jealous.) 

If you’re interested in the long-term future of digital marketing, keep this new technology on your radar in 2022. 

#4: Voice Commerce - the easiest way to shop online

As demand surges for smart speakers, such as Google Home, Apple HomePod, and the ever-popular Amazon Echo, voice commands are increasingly the point of digital sale. It’s now possible to search for a product, purchase it, and order it directly to your home without even touching a device—digital marketers, take note.

This one is all about optimization. 

To ensure you’re not missing out on the voice commerce market, it’s important to create ads that will be picked up by voice commands. By tailoring ads to how people speak instead of how they type, you can increase the chance your brand will be picked up using voice search. Other methods, such as the use of long-tail keywords in ad previews, can help as well. It’s predicted that over $40 billion will be spent through voice commerce in 2022. Hey, Siri… get us in on that. 

#5: Email stays strong (and more important than ever)

Major marketers are investing heavily in email marketing in 2022 because it is still the most direct path to communication with your customers. Email marketing allows you to build brand awareness, interactivity, and consumer trust in a way that fosters more loyalty than ads seen on social media. Through automation, personalization, and privacy, email will get you to your audience on a deeper level.

In 2022, email marketers are using AI-driven tools for optimal performance. Using smart timing, quality design, and optimization for mobile view, email lets you get up close and personal with potential or current customers, as campaigns go directly to the one place they visit daily: their inbox. 

Key takeaway? 2022 will be a milestone year in digital marketing.

Here at Monkedia, as we monitor this year’s trends, we get more and more excited about the changing landscape of digital advertising. It’s clear that omnichannel marketing (reaching consumers on a diverse range of mediums) will be essential when it comes to maximizing the impact of your brand this year, so make sure to stay up-to-date on where digital consumers are spending their time. 

Contact us here to learn more about how we’re making digital marketing magic for our brands in 2022. And if you’re interested in learning more about how email marketing can change the game for your company, check out our Email Audit Service here.

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